The future starts anew every day

M-SIGNAGE originated in the mid-80s, when video and computer grew together. The founding members around Franz Josef Medam played a key role in this time as pioneers of digital signage in Germany.

We know there is something new every day. And by that we mean not only the daily news content but also new technologies that make our industry better, faster and more accurate.

We are passionate about our medium, which is constantly evolving. Our approach is hands-on plus conceptual foresight.

Hello everywhere

Digital signage is omnipresent and our modern world can no longer be imagined without it. On busy streets, in retail stores, pharmacies, banks, shopping centers, train stations, airports or at the nearest petrol station – we see digital screens everywhere.

Animated content is eye catcher and is characterized by its high target group reach and attractiveness. This is how our customers communicate very effectively and accurately.

Moving image content, in combination with current information and news, can be designed flexibly and broadcast at strategically favorable times.

We are specialists in the placement and marketing of individual, target group-oriented content.


Content is individually designed in close consultation with our customers, produced by us and broadcast by our editorial team.

The display criteria for content and advertising messages can be controlled in a variety of ways using the software.

Dynamic content such as weather, news, football results, etc. expand the variety of programs and the current attractiveness.

Come on, Let‘s play

Our sister company M-Create has been closely associated with us since our foundation and is your partner for content. M-Create delivers target group-specific moving image content according to the specifications and wishes of a wide variety of clients. From the clip to the recording and transmission of live events.

A good clip attracts attention, informs in an emotional way and stays in the memory for a long time. The focus is on the brand, product and call-to-action.
This is how spectators become your customers.


3M / ABB / Acer Being Signage / Akzo Nobel / apetito / Autobahn Tank & Rast / Bobby & Fritz / Brenntag / Citroen / Coffee Fellows / Commerzbank / Deutsche Bank / DMI / Deutsche Telekom AG / Flughafen Düsseldorf / Fortuna Düsseldorf / FrieslandCampina / GEA / GEHE / Gothaer / Grohe / Handelsblatt / Henkel / Kaufhof Restaurants / LG / Lindt / Loctite / Lotto / LVM Versicherungen / Mc Donald’s / Messe Düsseldorf / Mettler Toledo / METRO Shopping Center / Mitsubishi Electric / NEC / Nokia Mobile Phones / Nokia Telecommunications / NDR / O2 / Orange Telecommunications / Phonak / Porsche Zentrum Willich / Postcon / QVC / REWE / Santander Bank / Swiss international Airlines / Stadt Düsseldorf / Targo Bank / T-Mobile / T-Systems / Thomas Cook / Van Laak / Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken / Volvo Cars

Franz Josef Medam

Always keeps an overview
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Sally Dopjans
Manager Operations

Manages the overview
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Dirk Bürger
Strategic advice

International experience
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Sebastian Stolp
Head of creation / content

Creative sharpness
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